Cargo shipping services in Seattle & Tacoma, WA

If you are a broker, we take the stress out of your logistics for all domestic and international shipping and delivery. Staying on top of your cargo is a valuable advantage of choosing PCX; we will be providing a link to a self-service website soon, for now, call our customer support line for real-time updates: (800) 333-9360.
We handle all varieties of container and cargo shipping:
  • Import cargo
    • Unload and return to port
  • Pick up container for exports
    • US Customs bonded carrier
  • HazMat and other sensitive containers
    • U.S. Dept. of Transportation's highest safety rating
  • Refrigerated and frozen cargo
  • Container of any size
  • Customer freight forwards
Crowded Containers On Ship - Cargo shipping services in Seattle & Tacoma, WA
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Choose Pacific Coast Express, an experienced intermodal container drayage company
for your import/export shipping and cargo needs in Seattle or Tacoma, WA.